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11th, 12th Science Board Coaching Classes Pune

MAHESH TUTORIALS PUNE PCMB Group ( Physics-Chemistry-Maths-Biology) Science Board Preparation – TUTORATTI SCIENCE

11th and 12th PCMB group ( Physics-Chemistry-Maths-Biology) Science, Maharashtra State Board is one the most strenuous examinations of school time to prepare for. It requires a great deal of hard work, determination, time to time improvements, along with step by step professional guidance.

Mahesh Tutorials Pune understands the pressure on students during these last two years of their schooling, wherein they are required to prepare themselves for the competitive world outside. Thus, we at Mahesh Tutorials Pune offer methodical coaching and a healthy competitive atmosphere bestowed by our team of highly qualified and competent faculties giving quality education to students, thus lending them a leading edge in their preparation for 11th and 12th PCMB group (Physics-Chemistry-Maths-Biology) Science, Maharashtra State Board exams. We provide our students with result-oriented content, intensive test-series; comprehensive yet simple to understand study material, continuous assessment and all time assistance in preparing them for their 11th and 12th PCMB group (Physics-Chemistry-Math-Biology) Science, Maharashtra State Board examination.

The motivation and guidance that we extend to our students helps them determine their own ability and shows them the path to success in their 11th and 12th PCMB group (Physics-Chemistry-Math-Biology) Science, Maharashtra State Board examination.

11th, 12th Science Board Coaching Classes Pune
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune has an extremely homely atmosphere ensuring he/she is comfortable and highly motivated as soon as he/she steps into this academy.
  • The staff and professionals at Mahesh Tutorials Pune are utterly amicable and totally approachable at any given point of time.
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune believes in a personalised approach towards student guidance. We hold regular parent teacher meetings, individually, ensuring that the students are corrected and guided at every step and parents are duly informed about their progress.
  • At Mahesh Tutorials Pune, notes provided, PowerPoint presentations used – all are well synchronised with each other using the same language, sentence structure and keywords. This ensures that concepts and relevant keywords are subconsciously embedded in the students’ minds much before he/she actually sits to study.
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune is known for the quality of its teachers and their remarkable content delivery skills.
  • A/C classrooms, biometric attendance, CCTV cameras security mark Mahesh Tutorials Pune’s comforting infrastructure.


Siddhi Khandagale- 94.77% in HSC Science 2017, MH-CET (PCM-178/200, PCB-176/200)

Mahesh tutorial Lakshya family has been an integral part of my success. I am glad that I have been part of Mahesh Tutorial right since standard 9. I scored 96.80% in 10th standard and my heart said MT Educare was the only choice. These years have been so very lively and so very helpful for me that the experience will be beneficial for me for my entire life. The teachers here are so very full of life and energy. Even as the teachers would enter the class full of energy, that attitude would make us want to study with our heart. The teachers made it a point to make us understand each and every concept very precisely. They used to make all efforts like presentations, animations and any sort of practical method of teaching which made us remember. Even when I was writing my board exams I could remember every concept our teachers had taught. I have a habit of asking doubts whatever they may be to every teacher. The teachers used to clarify my doubts even when the questions were not academic. Here I truly understood what a mentor is. Kudos to all the teachers of Mahesh Tutorials.

Chetan Patil, (97%), HSC
My journey in Mahesh Tutorials Pune started from 9th standard. In standard 10th I secured 95.6% and I chose science as my career. I continued with Mahesh Tutorials Pune because my earlier experience had been something very special. Here we don't only study, but we have fun too. The teachers are so lively and full of enthusiasm. They developed our interest in the subjects.

Rishika Kawade, (95.50%), HSC 

It is said that smart work and not hard work, always helps in securing good results. I was very obliged to dedicate two crucial years of my life to studying under the experts of 'smart work' - MAHESH TUTORIALS PUNE and TUTORATTI SCIENCE.

Toppers of Mahesh Tutorials, Pune

The professional standards and expectations


Aditya Phadnis


Aliza Khan


Madhura Deshmukh


Nehal C

HSC Topper 92.33%

Pranav C


Rudresh J

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