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11th, 12th Science IIT-JEE, MH-CET Coaching Classes - Pune


Standards 11th & 12th PCM + JEE Main/CET + JEE Advanced

Mahesh Tutorials Pune recognizes the inflated difficulty level of 11th and 12th science stream courses, as well as the excessive pressure on students for clearing their engineering entrance exams (IIT JEE Main/CET, JEE Advanced).

Keeping this in mind Mahesh Tutorials Pune has tailor made courses that prepare students to appear for any of these engineering entrance exams (IIT JEE Main/CET, JEE Advanced), ultimately propelling them to excel in the same. To get admission into any of the country’s top engineering colleges, it is essential for students to have a strong foundation and clear understanding of basic science concepts first.

With experienced faculty, result-oriented training and intensive test-series (IIT JEE Main/CET, JEE Advanced) Mahesh Tutorials Pune- Tutoratti Science aims to strengthen the premise on which a student’s future shall depend in the field of Science. This intensive coaching offered by Mahesh Tutorials- Tutoratti Science has a history of creating high ranking and high scoring toppers in the field of science every year.


11th, 12th Science IIT-JEE, MH-CET Coaching Classes - Pune
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune has an extremely homely atmosphere ensuring he/she is comfortable and highly motivated as soon as he/she steps into this academy.
  • The staff and professionals at Mahesh Tutorials Pune are utterly amicable and totally approachable at any given point of time.
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune believes in a personalised approach towards student guidance. We hold regular parent teacher meetings, individually, ensuring that the students are corrected and guided at every step and parents are duly informed about their progress.
  • At Mahesh Tutorials Pune, notes provided, PowerPoint presentations used – all are well synchronised with each other using the same language, sentence structure and keywords. This ensures that concepts and relevant keywords are subconsciously embedded in the students’ minds much before he/she actually sits to study.
  • skills.
  • A/C classrooms, biometric attendance, CCTV cameras security mark Mahesh Tutorials Pune’s comforting infrastructure.Mahesh Tutorials Pune is known for the quality of its teachers and their remarkable content delivery



Aditya Phadnis, AIR 2887 JEE Advanced 

Tutoratti Science has been a second home to me. Teachers here are very supportive and encouraging. Throughout my journey, they helped me realise my capabilities and boost my self confidence. I always got the personal attention which was required to get the best out of me. With their essential academic and mental guidance.

Abhijeet Jadhav, AIR 5569, JEE Advanced

Tutoratti Science was like home during JEE preparations. Discussions and doubt solving was always going on and I did not want to miss it. Tutoratti Science teachers assessed everybody and suggested the topics where we should concentrate and others which they were confident we could do easily.

Toppers of Mahesh Tutorials, Pune

The professional standards and expectations


Aditya Phadnis


Aliza Khan


Madhura Deshmukh


Nehal C

HSC Topper 92.33%

Pranav C


Rudresh J

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