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11th, 12th Science NEET,AIIMS Coaching Classes Pune


11th and 12th Science + NEET + AIIMS

Pre-medical aspirants require a specific form of training to crack national level medical entrance exams like NEET & AIIMS. Right approach, determination, self-belief along with proper guidance is quintessential to pave the path for students into top medical colleges of the nation.

Recognizing this, Mahesh Tutorials Pune- Tutorati Science has created tailored courses for students who aspire to get into any of these prestigious Medical Colleges in India by cracking medical entrances namely NEET & AIIMS. The course aims to guide students to understand basic concepts and their applications in detail. Intensive testing approach at Mahesh Tutorials Pune results in high scores in competitive exams (NEET & AIIMS).

Our sophisticated curriculum which is customised by our well versed faculties after extensive research, apart from providing comprehensive study material for entrance exams (NEET/AIIMS), also takes care of board examinations simultaneously. On the whole, Mahesh Tutorials Pune leaves no stone unturned to maximise the performance of students, thus making them outshine the rest in the entrance exams (NEET/AIIMS).

11th, 12th Science NEET,AIIMS Coaching Classes Pune
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune has an extremely homely atmosphere ensuring he/she is comfortable and highly motivated as soon as he/she steps into this academy.
  • The staff and professionals at Mahesh Tutorials Pune are utterly amicable and totally approachable at any given point of time.
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune believes in a personalised approach towards student guidance. We hold regular parent teacher meetings, individually, ensuring that the students are corrected and guided at every step and parents are duly informed about their progress.
  • At Mahesh Tutorials Pune, notes provided, PowerPoint presentations used – all are well synchronised with each other using the same language, sentence structure and keywords. This ensures that concepts and relevant keywords are subconsciously embedded in the students’ minds much before he/she actually sits to study.
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune is known for the quality of its teachers and their remarkable content delivery skills.
  • A/C classrooms, biometric attendance, CCTV cameras security mark Mahesh Tutorials Pune’s comforting infrastructure.


Sahil P., NEET (675/720)

The credit for my success goes to my parents, for their unwavering support, my teacher and the 24 x 7 support from Tutoratti Science, who guided me through the challenging years. The teacher, as always, was ready to take doubts at any time of the day or night (literally). The study material also proved to be extremely useful, especially for Biology. Wishing all medical aspirants get a chance like I did.

Divya P., NEET (632/720)

Right from the first day Mahesh Tutorials Pune- Tutoratti Science family has been an integral part of my success.The teachers used to clarify my doubts even when the questions were not academic. Here I truly understood what a mentor is. The methods used here are unlike other classes and which really help learn better. They make an extra effort to clarify concepts before any of the important exams.

Toppers of Mahesh Tutorials, Pune

The professional standards and expectations


Aditya Phadnis


Aliza Khan


Madhura Deshmukh


Nehal C

HSC Topper 92.33%

Pranav C


Rudresh J

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