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9th,10th CBSE School Tuitions Classes -Pune

9th and 10th CBSE

10th standard Board Examination is the first crucial milestone in the life of students during school years. With the boosting competition in today’s education system, 9th and 10th CBSE exam preparation is certainly no cake walk.

At Mahesh Tutorials Pune we provide extensively advanced 9th and 10th CBSE tuition classes in Pune to equip students with the requirements for clearing their CBSE board exams with flying colours. Answer paper presentation practice, extensive regular test series, profound understanding and writing practice are some takeaways from the 9th and 10th CBSE coaching classes at Mahesh Tutorials Pune. Here we not only help students build a strong foundation but also make sure they are well polished to face the most baffling exam papers.

9th and 10th CBSE is also the time where the participation in various subject related competitive exams such as Olympiads and other National standard exams, is at the peak and most beneficial for students in terms of building their portfolios. Our 9th and 10th CBSE coaching classes at Mahesh Tutorials Pune also prepare students for these comprehensive examinations making them excel in every academic venture they take part in.

What we offer for 9th and 10th CBSE tuition classes at Mahesh Tutorials Pune:
  • Technology Aided Teaching:
    Technology Aided Teaching methodology for better understanding through visual grasping.
  • Practice Tests: A number of test series including chapter wise tests, periodic tests, semi prelims, pre prelims etc. for ample writing practice.
  • Regular Evaluation through Feedback: Regular feedback sessions through personalised meetings with parents.
  • KnowGate: Instant LIve Doubt Clearing Platform
  • Preparation Material: Comprehensive and easily understandable, well researched study material written in simple language for all subjects are provided.
  • Keep a Tab: Biometric attendance facility to ensure that students do not miss out on important classes.
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune has an extremely homely atmosphere ensuring he/she is comfortable and highly motivated as soon as he/she steps into this academy.
  • The staff and professionals at Mahesh Tutorials Pune are utterly amicable and totally approachable at any given point of time.
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune believes in a personalised approach towards student guidance. We hold regular parent teacher meetings, individually, ensuring that the students are corrected and guided at every step and parents are duly informed about their progress.
  • At Mahesh Tutorials Pune, notes provided, PowerPoint presentations used – all are well synchronised with each other using the same language, sentence structure and keywords. This ensures that concepts and relevant keywords are subconsciously embedded in the students’ minds much before he/she actually sits to study.
  • Mahesh Tutorials Pune is known for the quality of its teachers and their remarkable content delivery skills.
  • A/C classrooms, biometric attendance, CCTV cameras security mark Mahesh Tutorials Pune’s comforting infrastructure.
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Shravani J., 10th CBSE - 97.6%

The excellent faculty at Mahesh Tutorials Pune made things a lot easier for me and my batchmates. The teachers were so supportive and talented that even if I asked them a question which was not in the syllabus, they were able to answer with elaboration. The study kit which was provieded to us had everything in detail and it also had the questions which were most likely to be asked in our Board exams.

Mahin K.,10th CBSE - 97.6%

With Mahesh Tutorials Pune’s teaching methods, our learning experience was different and far better than ever. These presentations made the most difficult concepts very easy to understand. With the use of presentations while teaching the understanding of concepts became a lot easier. Along with it the teachers were able to address any of my doubts at any given point of time. I was lucky to be here.

Sharvari B., 10th CBSE - 96.4%

I gained a better understanding of concepts at Mahesh Tutorials Pune. PCMB became a lot easier for me as a result of this. Experience here taught me to pay more attention to my concepts rather than memorising them. The use of presentations while teaching made concepts easier to understand. The books provided by Mahesh Tutorials Pune had all the important concepts and questions likely to come in Board exams

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Aditya Phadnis


Aliza Khan


Madhura Deshmukh


Nehal C

HSC Topper 92.33%

Pranav C


Rudresh J

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