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9th,10th ICSE School Tuitions Classes - Pune

9th and 10th ICSE Coaching Classes

9th and 10th ICSE is known to be one of the toughest boards of education in the Indian schooling system. It is seen as a step ahead of the rest and hence students requiremuch more rigorous training to cross this first mile stone in their life i.e; 10th ICSE board examination.

Mahesh tutorials 9th and 10th ICSE tuition classes provide students withwell researched course material, regular test series,answer paper presentation practice,extensive writing practice, personalized guidance, all time assistance and much more. Therefore through our 9th and 10th ICSE tuition classes, we equip students with all the essential skills required to clear 9th and 10th ICSE board exams with flying colours.

9th and 10th ICSE is also the time where participation in various subject related competitive exams such as Olympiads and other National standard exams, is at thepeak and most beneficial for students in terms of building their portfolios. That is where 9th and 10thICSE tuition classes come into play as well. Our 9th and 10th ICSE coaching classes at Mahesh Tutorials prepares students for thesecomprehensive examinations as well making them excel in every academic venture they take part in.

9th,10th ICSE  School Tuitions Classes - Pune
What we offer for 9th and 10th ICSE tuition classes at Mahesh Tutorials Pune

Practice Tests:
A number of test series including chapter wise tests, periodictests, semi prelims, pre prelims etc. for ample writing practice.

  • Model Answer Paper:
    After writing a test ,students are mailed a model answer paper with the marking scheme. This enables a child to evaluate &analyse his performance in the exam

  • Regular Evaluation through Feedback: Regular feedback sessions through personalized meetings with parents.
  • MT App Guidance: Feedback through MT app giving time to time details of student’s marks, ranks, comparisons, analysis and much more.Feedback through MT app giving time to time details of student’s marks, ranks, comparisons, analysis and much more.Feedback through MT app giving time to time details of student’s marks, ranks, comparisons, analysis and much more.Feedback through MT app giving time to time details of student’s marks, ranks, comparisons, analysis and much more.

  • Hum Se Pucho: Individual guidance and all-time assistance for every student.
  • Preparation Material: Comprehensive and easily understandable, well researched study material written in simple language for all subjects are provided.
  • Keep a Tab: Biometric attendance facility to ensure that students do not miss out on important classes.


  • Mahesh Tutorials has an extremely homely atmosphere. We proclaim ourselves as your child’s Academic parents, ensuring he/she is comfortable and highly motivated as soon as he/she steps into this academy.
  • The staff and professionals at Mahesh Tutorials are utterly amicable and totally approachable at any given point of time.
  • Mahesh Tutorials believes in personalized approach towards student guidance. We hold regular parent teacher meetings, individually, ensuring that the students are corrected and guided at every step and parents are duly informed about their progress.
  • At Mahesh Tutorials, notes provided, PowerPoint presentations used and Robomate videos – all are well synchronized with each other using the same language, sentence structure and keywords. This ensures that concepts and relevant keywords are subconsciously embedded in the students’ minds much before he/she actually sits to study.
  • Mahesh Tutorials is known for the quality of its teachers and their remarkable content delivery skills.
  • A/C classrooms, biometric attendance, CCTV cameras security mark Mahesh Tutorials’ comforting infrastructure.


Himali Shinde

The focus on concept building lectures at Mahesh Tutorials helped me immensely for my final exams. Even the detailed tests that are conducted very close to the final exams helped me revise and strengthen my basic concepts.

Yash Bhatia

I knew that I could bank on Mahesh Tutorials' expertise for one of the most important exams of my life. The way they coach and the working of their batches are very different from all other coaching institutions. Also, the last minute dedicated helpline to solve doubts is really useful.

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98%_ICSE Topper


98.40%_CBSE Topper


100%_SSC Topper


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AIR 1_IIT Topper


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