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Tips To Crack Enterance 2

Entrance exams are the most crucial challenges faced by students in their journey towards their goals. Cracking an entrance exam, is definitely no picnic. It requires a great deal of hardwork and dedication, streamlined in the right direction. Understanding this challenge faced by every ambitious student, Mahesh Tutorials suggests a list of some important tips and tricks to crack entrance exams:

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  1. Create a practical study plan– Having a study plan helps you organize your work judiciously. It gives you an idea of the amount of time you have in hand to prepare for the exam. Further, do ensure that your plan is a completely practical one. It should be in synchronization with your fundamental daily jobs and other commitments, if there are any. However, if your work does not go as planned, do not panic. Just devote some extra hours and cover up what has been missed to get yourself back on track.
  2. Know your strength and weakness

    while preparing for an exam it is essential for you to know where you stand; what are your strong points and what are your weak ones. This analysis shall help you strategize well by identifying places where you need to improve and topics on which you need not devote too much time in your timetable. For this, Mahesh Tutorial has introduced a unique tool called ROBOASSESS.

    ROBOASSESS – with an attempt to make the students 100% ready for the tests he/she will appear in future, we have developed ROBOASSES. A unique way, wherein using ROBOMATE+, our students can attempt a question bank developed to strengthen the topics they are weak in. The students can get an accuracy analysis of how many questions they were able to answer and out of which how many were correct. The ROBOASSESS is also a humungous question bank in itself, which are tagged as per difficulty level, concept level and also the time taken to solve the question. A detailed analytic report of the students’ performance is available. Students can know their rank across the country, state, and region. Students can take the test anywhere, anytime.

  3. Use fewer books for theory

    The fewer books you refer to for understanding concepts and theory, the lesser confusion you shall face. Make sure the books you choose, explain concepts in the most simple and concise manner. Mahesh Tutorials has its own set of study material provided to its students to supplement its effort.

    Tatva – Tatva is an exhaustive and comprehensive study material covering the entire syllabus. It comprises of the finest collection of questions for competitive exams like IIT JEE Main, Advanced, CET, NEET, AIIMS etc. conducted over the years. It is developed by a team of 100+ teachers who keep on refining it on a regular basis to keep it relevant for the students. The questions in this study tool have been created in an order that the student’s understanding develops from the core and then moves on to the more advanced level.

  4. Train your mind for the exam- Being mentally prepared to give an exam is more important than any other part of the preparation process. Apart from being consciously aware of the forthcoming exam, this segment also includes practicing well for the papers.
  5. Practice previous year papers and ensure Time Management- Previous year question papers are an excellent source of all the important questions from your syllabus. They not only give you an insight of the type of questions that shall come for the exam but also help you practice time management while writing the paper. The more papers you practice, the more confident you become about writing the entrance. Smart work is better than hardwork.
  6. Stay Physically and Mentally Balanced– we are humans, not machines. Our minds cannot function vigorously all day long at a stretch. It is essential to take breaks between your study schedule to rejuvenate mentally as well as physically. Physical exercise for a short while during study preparation days helps keep your mind fresh and enhances your grasping power.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice.- Practice is the ultimate key to crack an entrance exam. The more you practice the more your speed will increase and you shall get better and better at the subject with every attempt. Every attempt can make you realise something that you missed earlier. The test series at Mahesh Tutorials gives students all the practice they require.
    • Systematic test every Sunday covering
    • Engineering exam preparation of MHT CET, IIT JEE Mains, Advanced
    • Subjective tests for boards preparation
    • Regular home assignments
    • Revision test series
    • 3 months revision test series
    • Part test and revision classes
    • Full test and revision classes
  8. Remember the keywords- Smart work is better than hard work. While going through a topic for the first time it is recommended to mark important keywords. These help in easily grasping and remembering the essential points in the topic and saves time, in contrary to mugging up entire paragraphs. Mahesh Tutorial’s teaching methodology helps in this process. The keywords used in Tatva and Robomate+ are the same as those used in class by teachers at Mahesh Tutorials. Hence by the end of the preparation session at Mahesh Tutorials these keywords are drilled into the minds of students making their revision process quicker and easier. Robomate+ is a new age learning tool. It contains curriculum-based Audio-Video lectures by experienced professional teachers, mock test, study notes, my performance, diagnostic reports and other technology enabled system to keep student’s progress connected with teachers and parents.
  9. Create shortcuts- Every student has shortcuts which they use to prepare for entrance exams. Create shortcuts for remembering formulas or memorizing charts. This will help you to save your time. There are some standard shortcuts which you can tap into but creating your own wouldn’t harm either.
  10. Rejuvenation time- Once you clear your doubts and brush up few pointers you kept as a priority, do not bother your mind with added pressure. A day before the exam, simply relax and leave the stress aside, a positive attitude and a calm mind will surely benefit you to crack the exam.

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